Library Partners Press publishes books (in both print and electronic formats) by authors of vanguard, interesting, and next-niche titles, representing neither trend nor phenomenon (per se), but representing recognition-worthy quality in following genres: 

  • Memoir! 
  • Autobiography
  • Interviews
  • Essays 
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Humor
  • Personal Narratives
  • etc.

LPP will consider content and submissions from writers everywhere.  


Library Partners Press enthusiastically publishes unsolicited, previously unpublished creative nonfiction submissions in this Memoir category:

  • memoir – full-length, ~40,000 words or more -- complete autobiographies, as-told-to biographies,  
  • personal essays – relatively short narratives reflecting on particular life experiences or observation – up to ~40,000 words
  • flash creative nonfiction, short interviews, reporting about memoir – less than ~4,000 words

For this category, we do not accept fiction, poetry, academic papers, editorials, political/social commentary, or criticism. 

LPP Overview

  • For more information, please visit:
  • As of 2019, LPP publishes about 5 print-on-demand monographs per month, so that's already a lot
  • But with our new partnership with Bibliolabs (and their BiblioBoard platform), we can now offer increased publication services to a larger audience

Guidelines: Word Count, Formatting and Submission Information

Aside from fitting in to this Memoir genre, submissions should be:

  • at least 90%+ complete and ready to go
  • in Microsoft Word's .docx format
  • page-numbered
  • in a standard web/print font, such as Times New Roman or Arial at 10-12 pt.  

Other Information 

  • We accept simultaneous submissions, under the condition that you will withdraw your work from us if it is accepted elsewhere.
  • We will respond to everyone who submits, quickly -- typical turnaround time is 3 to 4 years. Did we say years? We meant months. Wait, did we say months? We meant days. Seriously, typical response time is 3-4 days.
  • By accepting publication, the author grants Library Partners Press and Bibliolabs  non-exclusive electronic rights and one-time print anthology rights. 
  • By accepting publication, the author gives both Library Partners Press and Bibliolabs the right to publish the work on retail and library platforms, to archive it indefinitely as part of the issue in which it appeared, and to be included in future anthologized print or electronic editions of our publication. (Note: In some cases, we’ll re-feature archived work on the homepage; this does not constitute a new publication.)
  • Authors will receive a contract outlining these terms in more detail.
  • Submitters must respond to LPP within 30 days; we’ll send one reminder email. If you do not hear back from you, we’ll assume you no longer wish to publish this particular piece with us. 

Library Partners Press is a non-profit, Wake Forest University-affiliated and -subsidized publisher. 

Marketing Support: Our authors will receive limited custom marketing plans for each title.

Production and Design: We will provide professional cover and interior book design, and will consult with author on look and feel of book.

Royalties: Our authors will receive royalties equivalent to 10% of net sales revenue.

Library Partners Press